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Videos from openEHR Day in London

Marand and openEHR Foundation hostes an event on 22nd November at SkillsMatter in London.

The event explored the opportunities and challenges of openEHR and drew a large audience of openEHR supporters along with many new faces who want to understand this important new approach that is change the way digital health and care is delivered in many places across the world.

Speaking sessions including inidus's CCIO Dr Ian McNicoll and a panel discussion chaired by inidus CEO Ewan Davis  provided an introduction to openEHR for novices, along with speakers talking about their experiences with openEHR, its implementation, scale of the opportunity, and vision for its capabilities to facilitate interoperability in health IT.

Speakers spoke about the context and future of openEHR, the importance of openness to clinical data in a standard format and how to create a fully open ecosystem that boosts the innovation both locally and internationally.

Videos of the day are now available



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Clinical modelling

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