Vendor Opportunities

The opportunity to health and care application developers

There is a growing demand in the NHS for applications built to run on an open platform based on openEHR complying with the definition in Defining an Open Platform (published by The Apperta Foundation, a not for profit foundation created by NHS England).

inidus is creating a portfolio of such applications along with a full service capability to promote and deliver these applications as Software as a Service (SaaS). We are seeking vendors interested in making their applications available through our SaaS portfolio. We are initially targeting  specialist and departmental systems and systems supporting care management and integrated care.

Open platform liberate data and end vendor lock-in. For vendors that embrace this new paradigm it opens up new opportunities for sales and growth.

Open platforms have been implemented at scale across the globe and are gain adoption in the NHS see for more details

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Our offer to developers

inidus provides expert advice and guidance to companies who want to explore the use of an open platform. We can help you through the process of building or porting your product to an open platform. We offer training, technical support and consultancy and will make available our implementation of an open platform for development and testing purposes.

inidus does not seek to own or have exclusive rights to your application. This allows you to explore the new route to market alongside your existing channels.

If we accept your application into our portfolio we will market it alongside our other applications as part of the growing global open platform ecosystem. inidus will handle marketing, sales, procurement and the bulk of implementation and support, sharing revenue with you and leaving you free to focus on building great software. Whilst we are Initially targeting the UK, we plan to take our portfolio global.

In order to kickstart our SaaS portfolio, we are seeking to acquire companies with established products suitable for porting to an open platform . Our interest here is focussed on departmental and speciality systems and systems supporting care management and integrated care.

The benefits of an open platform

By making your application available on an open platform, you open up sales opportunities and the potential for growth that simply isn’t achievable with a standalone product that creates yet another data silo.

By building on or porting to an open platform your application becomes a part of an open platform ecosystem. This has great appeal to potential customers currently frustrated by the fragmentation of their data across multiple  systems in proprietary and idiosyncratic formats that are unable to keep pace with new models of care.

Open platforms liberate data and end vendor lock-in. They  enable the deployment of innovative applications free from the concern that of making an already intractable integration challenge worse.

Building on an open platform speeds development and reduces implementation and support costs as many of the issues that would otherwise have to be addressed in the application are handled by the platform. The platform deals with interoperability, cybersecurity and business continuity, and makes compliance with information governance and clinical safety requirements easier.

Porting to an open platform can be the key to opening up the growth potential of your application. Many innovative applications are highly desirable to end-users, but are failing to achieve growth due to corporate unwillingness to adopt yet another siloed application. While it requires additional effort, we can support you and it is probably easier than you imagine.

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