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What is an open platform?

Platform architectures separate application from the data that the process. Platform architectures are universally acknowledged as the future of digital health and care.

An open platform is one based on open standards. Any willing party can participate. Data is stored in an open, computable format and there is no dependency on any particular vendors technology.

The Apperta Foundation (a not-for-profit set up by NHS England) has published “Defining an Open Platform” which sets out some principles for an open platform and some practical guidance of how to build one. inidus open’ platform implementation complies with the Apperta definition.

A proprietary platform with some open APIs IS NOT an open platform nor can an open platform be created by putting “open” in front of a proprietary products name.

This video from Alistair Hann CTO of NES Digital Service Scotland give a good introduction to open platforms.




openEHR is one of the core standards used in building the inidus platform and any other implementation of an open platform compiling with the Apperta Foundation Definition.

openEHR is an open standard and anyone can use it to build an open platform or applications to run on one. You will find the full specification and further information at and there is copious information from the openEHR community on the web. In fact there is so much material that it can be hard to know where to start if you are new to openEHR.

First, you should look at Defining an Open Platform - Published by the Apperta Foundation this gives a broader view of open platforms and explains where openEHR fits.

Then try theses:

Ripple Foundation Videos from 2017

A very high level overview of openEHR and open platforms

1 Understanding openEHR

2 Explaining archetypes

3 openEHR in Action

Our Chief Clinical Information Officer Dr Ian McNicoll

Open platform in the UK - viva la revoluçion? 

Introduction to Archetypes Modelling

Best of Breed 3.0 - the open eHealth platform

The Postmodern EHR

For a global perspective of changes in health and the role of open platforms

openEHR technical basics for HL7 and FHIR users

Actually a really good introduction to openEHR for anyone, even if you never heard of HL7 or FHIR. From Thomas Beale Principal at Ars Semantica and openEHR Foundation Specifications lead

Designing openEHR archetypes

An introduction to designing openEHR Archetypes from Dr Heather Leslie - Atomica Informatics Australia and Silje Ljosland Bakke - Information Architect at Nasjonal IKT HF Norway