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inidus selected for “the Pitch”

Update – We’ve made the final

We have made it in to the final 15 – If you want to come and cheer us on you can book tickets here

inidus was one of the 100 companies selected from nearly 500 entrants for “the Pitch”  a competition for start-ups supported by Deloitte, Creative England and crowdcube.

Our CEO Ewan Davis had to make a 90 second pitch (Those of you who know him will know that this was a challenge!) – We hope it was good enough to get us into the final 15.

I’m Ewan Davis CEO of inidus. We want to liberate patient data and end vendor lock-in to make health and care better. For me, you, my 94 year old mother and 13 month old granddaughter.

Currently health IT is broken. Data is locked in obsolete systems and paper records. Care is inefficient and fragmented resulting in poor outcomes and wasted resources.

I can plan my journey across London with real-time data and share it with friends using telemetry from space. But I cannot share a blood pressure taken by my GP with my hospital in a computable form.

inidus have built an open platform, based on open standards; an approach endorsed by leading consultancies and proven at scale in Moscow, Slovenia and Scandinavia.

We have  commoditised the complexity of health and care data to make it easier to build great applications.

We will deliver applications from our partners as software-as-a-service covering the entire patient journey, unlocking growth for forward-thinking companies.

We have an experienced team who wrote the book on open platforms. A completed proof-of-concept with paying customers including NHS Digital and a first year turnover of £230k. We are ready to grow our team and raise investment to build a global business to address a market worth a conservative £33 billion.

It’s about you, me and the people you care for. Using digital tech to deliver safe, efficient and compassionate care adding years to life and life to years.  

Thanks for listening. I’m Ewan Davis CEO of inidus.

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