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Information for Patients

inidus offers patients a secure online Personal Health Record where: You store your health data in an open standard format; andYou share your health data with those involved in your care including health and care professionals and family carers. You decide who you share your data with and what it is used for. We call this a Co-produced Personal Health Record (CoPHR) because it is designed to work with you and those caring for you.

What happens next?

You may be offered our CoPHR by your health and care provider or you will shortly be able to sign up for one directly with us free of charge.

We are building connectors with the systems used by your GP and a number of other systems used by health and care providers. These connectors will enable you to automatically load your CoPHR with information from these systems.

Is it safe?

Our CoPHR uses the openEHR global health standard for storing your health records. This standard is proven for the safe and reliable storage of many hundreds of millions of patient records worldwide.

Your CoPHR data is held at all times in the UK at storage facility that meet UK Government standards for the handling and storage of highly sensitive and confidential data.

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How does this benefit me?

  • You are in control of your data - you will have straightforward and easy ability to indicate who can see your health and care data, and for what purpose
  • Progressively better joined up care Data is now in a format that can be easily shared with other software that also uses this health standard, and in so-doing, you will progressively see better joined up care. This is by virtue of all people involved in your care being able to usefully access your information, in full accordance with your declared wishes.

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