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inidus are seeking investment to help take our business to the next stage.

Open platforms offer a modern 21st century technology solution within a market dominated by systems designed in the last century.

The global health informatics community understands that the future lies in open platform architectures and Software as a Service (SaaS). This view is supported by the major consultancies, with a strong desire amongst customers to move to such an environment.

The open platform approach we have pioneered is gaining traction across the globe and we offer investors an opportunity to be involved at an early stage in a new approach to the delivery of digital health that will address a growing global market current worth in excess of £76 billion.

We see the established vendors trying to reposition their products as platforms but are hampered in doing so by technical debt and outdated business models. The Internet Giants are also showing an interest in the sector but currently lack specialist knowledge and experience of this complex market.

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