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Crowdfunding - An Invitation to investors

We offer an opportunity to invest in the future of digital health and care, supporting a new approach that puts the patient at the centre of care.

The global health informatics community agree that the future of digital health lies in platform architectures and Software as a Service (SaaS). This view is supported by the major consultancies, with a strong desire amongst customers to move to such an environment.

The open platform approach we have pioneered is gaining traction across the globe. We have created, inidus to take advantage of this opportunity, to build a global healthcare business addressing a global market valued at £45 billion.

We are tackling the lack of data fluidity - the inability of data to freely move across healthcare services.  This single factor inhibits new digital technologies to deliver the transformational change we have seen in other sectors

Our approach puts the patient in control of their data and how it is used, making a patient's electronic record available in an open computable format at all points along their care journey, with clear consent as to how it may be used.

We enable new models of integrated care and support, and next generation AI and big data analytics

To exploit this opportunity, we now need to raise additional investment and will shortly be launching an equity crowdfund on the CrowdCube platform.

We hope to raise over £1 million, but have set a minimum target of £500k which is sufficient for us to take the business to the next stage as outlined in our business plan. Our aim is to create a profitable UK business with a turnover in excess of £13 million within five years that can attract further funding to support global expansion and create an opportunity for early investors to take their profits.

Crowdfunding explained

For those of you not familiar with equity crowdfunding, it provides an opportunity to buy equity in a business which would not otherwise be available to small investors (the average investment is £1,500) with CrowdCube handling all the technicalities.

Investments in inidus will qualify for the Government's Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) for which we have advanced assurance from HMRC. This brings significant tax benefits including the ability to offset 30% of your investment against your tax bill.

Exceptional team

inidus has an exceptional team with unmatched knowledge, experience and networks. Our team includes world recognised expertise in clinical modelling having worked in most (if not all) open platform programmes around the world. The inidus team can make a real difference to the way digital health is delivered to support more efficient high quality, compassionate care.

Our services

We will deliver a radical new approach to electronic patient records based on proven open platform technology, directly focussing on the fundamental problems facing the UK and global health systems.

Our Initial focus is on providing a Co-Produced Patient Health Record to support the care management of patients with complex needs, who consume a disproportionate amount of resources.

We will offer a series of complementary software and data healthcare services that we will deliver as software as a service in the Cloud. Over time, we will assemble a comprehensive portfolio of applications from innovative third parties serving patients’ needs across the whole of health and care.

Our open platform stores all patient data on proven open platform technology. It supports all users who require access to the patient’s data to support their direct care, or data for research and other secondary purpose. We will make fully consented patient data available to support new models of care and fuel the wide-scale development and adoption of AI, research and big data analytics across healthcare.

Market opportunity

Our venture solves fundamental problems facing the UK and global health systems, addressing head-on the two prime problems in healthcare that are inhibiting service transformation and the wide-scale growth of AI and Big Data analytics.  This is the ability to share data across all services, and the availability of consented patient data in a computable format.

Our approach liberates data, making it available for direct care and secondary uses; speeds the development of new applications to support new models of care; and reduces costs for health and care providers. We aim to become the leading player in the rapidly growing open platforms market.

Target customers

Our initial target is UK health and care, focussing particularly on the needs of NHS Trusts, Integrated Care Systems and local health communities for shared records and personal health records. Beyond this we have plans to extend our business into overseas markets, to address a growing global market currently worth £76 billion

Our progress so far

In our first year, inidus turned over £216K. We created an implementation of an open platform, working with partners UKCloud and leading openEHR provider Marand. We have our platform running as a “proof of concept” with three paying customers that include NHS Digital for whom we provide the Code4Health platform.

Our target investors

While we will target Crowcube’s 650 thousand members, our prime target will be those working in health and care who will understand the problem and feel the pain. Of these two million people, a significant minority are well paid and we have excellent networks that can reach the 25,000 most interested in digital health. Our aim is to offer investors an attractive investment and the opportunity to may health and care better for the benefit of all.

Further information

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