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inidus was founded in 2017 with the intent to disrupt the Digital Health and Care Market.

Our founders are active and highly respected in the global open platform movement, with close links and networks at all levels of health and care in the UK. We have authored the key strategy documents commissioned by NHS Digital that are relevant to this proposition. These include “Defining an Open Platform” and “A Blueprint for a Co-Produced Personal Health Record (CoPHR)”.


inidus has an exceptionally knowledgeable and experienced team with extensive networks in digital health in the UK and worldwide. It has acknowledged global expertise in health informatics, and has worked on the majority of open platform projects around the world. We are seasoned entrepreneurs and have previously built and run substantial businesses in digital health and care. The team has many years of practical and often painful experience in building health and care applications in the UK and across the world.

Ewan Davis

Chief Executive Officer

Ewan has been in digital health since 1981, founding the GP System AAH Meditel which was sold in 1999 with a £17m turnover and 240 employees. He wrote the manifesto for the open platform movement “Defining an Open Platform”. Ewan was Chair of the Tech UK Trade Association and the Primary Care Specialist Group of the BCS. Clients include NHS England, NHS Digital, Department of Health, BT Global Health Practice and Mckesson. He is a Director of Digital Health Intelligence.

Dr Ian McNicoll

Chief Clinical Information Officer

Ian is a former Scottish GP and world authority on openEHR (the standard at the heart of our platform). He wrote the leading GP accounting package, selling in 2007. Ian has consulted on most (if not all) the openEHR projects worldwide with clients that include Moscow City Council, government agencies of Norway and Sweden, CGI, Lockheed Martin, PRSB, NHS England Code4Health, NHS Digital, NHS Scotland, NHS Wales, Marand, Ocean Informatics, DIPS, Tieto and the Ripple OSI project. Ian is Joint Chair of the openEHR Foundation and a member of the INTEROPen Board working on HL7 FHIR standards.

Ben Wensley-Stock

Chief Technology Officer

Ben is a successful serial entrepreneur who has built a number of companies in healthcare and other sectors. He has worked in health technology for 20 years, with expertise covering systems integration, enterprise architecture, IoT and medical devices. Ben is a member of HL7 and an acknowledged expert on HL7 2.x, 3.x and FHIR and has taken a number of class II medical devices through international approval.

Dr Roland Appel

Chief Data Protection Officer

With a background in academia, defence and security and a Fellow of the Institute of Physics, Roland has worked in healthcare since 2013. He is an APMP qualified bid manager leading bids into many £10s million, and delivery of framework bids (several £ bn). He is Practitioner trained in the GDPR Fundamentals Management Standard, and has delivered GDPR services within a number of sectors.

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