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About Us

inidus was founded in 2017 with the intent to disrupt the Digital Health and Care Market with a new SaaS model of application delivery.

Our Proposition is underpinned by our open PaaS which we have already built and delivered as an operational service. This is based on the open clinical standard, openEHR, the only standard that has sufficient maturity and proven capability at scale to underpin the wide-scale sharing of data.  

Our founders are recognised key players in the global open platform movement, with close links and networks at all levels of health and care in the UK, and have led the underpinning work since 2012. We have authored key strategy documents commissioned by NHS Digital and relevant to this proposition.

With our first year’s trading complete, we have delivered an operational open standards PaaS with several pilot customers including NHS Digital.  We have engaged key stakeholders (Customers, influencers, standards bodies, developers and suppliers) and with the intent of delivering SaaS shortly..

Our Platform

inidus provides an open, secure, scalable health and care platform that enables developers to build health and care applications using open standards including HL7 FHIR, openEHR, SNOMED CT and IHE-XDS, making your data and applications portable and extensible.

The inidus platform enables rapid development allowing you to use any modern programming language, and our platform services to build integrated and scalable applications much more quickly than you would have thought possible.

Hosted in UK owned and located data centers meeting UK government and NHS standards for information governance and cyber security and offering N3 connectivity the inidus platform helps you meet your customer's requirements for connectivity and cyber security.

We have many years of practical and often painful experience in building health and care applications in the UK and across the world. The core technology of our platform already powers systems with millions of patient records in Moscow and Slovenia and our software also sits behind NHS Digital’s Code4Health Platform

Our informatics skills include clinical architecture and design, information modeling, terminology binding, information governance, cyber security, and systems implementation.

We offer the only currently available cloud based platform based on open standards capable of meeting NHS standards for information governance, GDPR and cyber security.