Four Integrated Services operating on an Open Platform:

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Co-produced patient health record (CoPHR) Service

The Co-produced Patient Health Record (CoPHR) Service offers health and care organisations a tool for coordinating care between health and care professionals in partnership with patients and their informal carers.

The CoPHR records patient consents for data sharing. We provide a CoPHR application that allows patients to access their records and manage their consents.

The Service offers a single authoritative record, storing patient records in an open shareable format. It exposes APIs that enable any authorised party to build applications to access a patient's CoPHR

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Consent Management Service

The Consent Management Service allows patients to easily record who they wish to have access to their data, and the purposes for which it can be used.

Patients can record their wishes in our service once and make this information available to all parties seeking to access their data.

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Open Platform as a Service (PaaS)

We provide an open Platform as a Service for developers who wish to build and manage applications on a secure open platform. This includes developers creating feral (also known as shadow IT) and mobile applications.

Our self-service portal allows developers to provision the environment and services they need to support their application. Our Service helps the developer to meet compliance requirements relating to cybersecurity, business continuity, information governance and clinical safety.

Our PaaS is operational with a number of key reference customers.

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Software as a Service (SaaS) Application Portfolio

We are building a  comprehensive portfolio of interconnected applications from innovative partners that will run on an open platform. The applications will support new models of integrated care that health and care systems across the world are seeking to implement.

We will deliver these applications as Software as a Service in secure cloud with comprehensive full life cycle support.

For developers we offer a new route to market where we take the strain of sales and support so that they can concentrate on delivering great applications. For customers we offer a set of applications that work together across the whole patient record.

Why Us?

We have many years of practical and often painful experience in building health and care applications in the UK and across the world.

Our informatics skills include clinical architecture and design, information modeling, terminology binding, information governance, cyber security, and systems implementation.

We offer the only currently available cloud based platform based on open standards capable of meeting NHS standards for information governance, GDPR and cyber security.


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Chief Executive Officer


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Chief Technology Officer

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Chief Clinical Information Officer

Dr Roland Appel

Chief Data Protection Officer

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